Olympic fair-play nominations and international fair-play recognition awards 


commitment | determination | integrity


◾️ Ironman triathlon* completion after a crash at 85.7km/h causing three broken vertebrae and deep flesh wounds in 2018 (nominee and recipient of official Fair-Play recognition awards for and by the International Olympic Committee, Pierre de Coubertin International Fair-Play Trophy & Spanish Authorities). *Ironman triathlon: 3,8kms swimming, 180,2 cycling, 42,195 running, consecutively, non-stop

◾️World Championship contender, Triple-Ultra-Ironman** 2018 only three months after the triple vertebral fractures **11,4kms swimming, 540 cycling, 126,6 running, consecutively, non-stop

◾️50+ (Ultra)marathons

◾️Over 50000 running kms

◾️Preparing a World-Record