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Doped -right now- without being aware of it? Perfectly possible

“Athletes should be aware of the components of this medicament as it may cause a positive result after an analytical doping test”, is stated on the package information leaflet (PIL) of Frenadol Complex, a remedy, widely (well-)known cold symptom-killer.

 -doping- (not written in capital letters even at the beginning of this sentence for a number of reasons) is the word used in sport when athletes use prohibited substances or methods to unfairly improve their sporting performance.

Motivations to dope include enhancing performance, drive to win, weight control, alleviation of self-confidence, financial incentives, decreased time of fatigue, lowering reaction time, reducing stress and anxiety, implement recovery and drive back muscle pain, increase in endurance, speed, alertness, aggression and strength (…).

Many professional sports personalities like Tyson Gay (100m), Lance Armstrong (cycling and triathlon), Sanamucha Chanu (weightlifting), Marin Cilic (tennis) and Pradeep Sangwan (cricket) took prohibited stimulating substances and have faced penalties and lifetime bans.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as an international independent organization created in 1999, promotes, coordinates and monitors the fight against doping in sports. Still, many components included in medical subscriptions are thought for the well-being of the patient, not for the increase of sports performance.

In this regard, being happy with the remedy which should help me to recover from the cold I am suffering, I have to say that it is crucial not only for (semi)professional athletes but also for hobby-runners to take a look over the package information leaflet (PIL) of each product that is taken in a non-natural form. In other words, it does not matter if we are consuming a daily intake of supplementation in order to reduce fatigue, of iron due to being suffering from some irregularities during menstruation, or if we are just taking a drug to feel better because of fever or any other diagnosis.

Actually, although sometimes it may be regarded as boring, it is still highly relevant to read the leaflets!

So, why would it be important for hobby athletes -who are not fighting for their daily bread within the sports discipline they practice- to read the information displayed in the leaflets? 

First of all, doping does have side effects on our organism. If it is taken on a daily basis, danger is arising. It does not matter if those -illegitimate- and -illegal- drugs are taken consciously or unconsciously, although I do strongly advise anybody not to take this kind of substances (!). 

Secondly, pro-athletes may suffer from the same consequences as hobby athletes, but still, in a doping test the result may be positive and result, in a worst case scenario, in a life-ban. Same story for the hobby athlete -who may be a -too ambitious- athlete. 

Thirdly, as role models for the young and the elderly, -no matter if you are a (semi)professional or a hobby athlete-, giving a good example in public and in private of -not cheating- can have an astonishing impact. This is of a much greater value than prestige or success.

And, what is prestige or success?

In a nutshell, keep your hands -off- from performance enhancing drugs, no matter in which form, and keep a healthy lifestyle without evitable side-effects.

Say NO to doping.

Dominik Kozanda
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