Hi, my name is Dominik


is what would describe him best.

He considers himself just a normal athlete happy to celebrate 25 years competing in different sport disciplines such as gymnastics artistic, decathlon, freestyle skiing or tennis (a. o.)

some of his accomplishments:

*Finisher of an Ironman triathlon after a crash at 85.7km/h and, as a consequence, three broken vertebrae and flesh wounds.

*Soon after, World Championship contender in Triple-Ultra-Ironman 2018 (11,4kms swimming, 540 cycling, 126,6 running)

*Ultramarathons - 130k (trail), 100k (trail), 80k (asphalt)(...), ultramarathon 5th (80kms) and youngest contestant in a very stormy trail ultramarathon race (160k) (a typhoon hit Australia)

*4 official ultra-swimming events (14.3, 11, 11, & 10k) (without counting the multi-Ironman swimming segments)

*17 official marathons (without counting the Ironman or multi-Ironman marathons)

*37 official half-marathons

*3 time(s) podium (2004, 2005, 2006), Championships in half-marathon. Spain. U-20

*37 triathlons (all distances)

*24 official 10k races

*2 time(s) podium(s) in official 10k races, Spain

*5 official 8k cross-country races. Regional Championships, Spain. U-16

*15 official 5k races 

*U-18 decathlete 

Official proofs, awards, certificates, pictures, written and oral testimonies available upon request

*Many unofficial races as well as training sessions over the same distances are -not- included in the aforementioned

*Awards, medals and trophies in skiing (3), half-marathon (8), tennis (34), football (4), volleyball (1), basketball (1) decathlon (1) athletics (14) and swimming (3) (a. o..

Thank you for the official Fairness, Sportsmanship and Antidoping recognition awards which I have been very fortunate to receive

Official proofs, certificates, pictures and testimonies available upon request

Short facts:

*Now living since 24 years in Spain

*Apple-crumble is my favourite dessert

*I am finishing my PhD in Australia

*When I was 3 years old, I took my dad’s razor and shaved our super calm cat

*Height: 185cms

*As a young child I punctured footballs so often that my Grandparents brought each Christmas three or four new ones. In one word: Cactus

*I stretch with a timer

*Involvement in fundraising campaigns and humanitarian aid for the young, eager and striving athletes of tomorrow

*A friend joined me for a 80k ultramarathon race being this his first time undertaking such a distance on a bike, in a storm, in the forests even by night! Is he a true friend?

*I never wear shorts when I run

*Say NO to doping

Had the opportunity to study in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Japan, England, Italy, Germany and Spain

*Once I got lost in a forest during a training run in Germany. 8k suddenly evolved in not funny 23

I teach English, Italian, Spanish, German and French at University level

I needed a drink at first when I read the nomination by the International Olympic Committee & it's German fair-play representation 

It must be lovely rewarding to swim with many colourful fish in the transparent waters of Fiji

I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit a private school, I undertook and obtained several bachelor and two master degrees, being right now into my PhD-thesis, and still my former classmates call me chicken-hair (pelo pollo) 

If I had to name my next pet, she/he would be called -sugar-

Japan, New Zealand, the Emirates, Australia, Spain, Austria, South Korea and Germany are countrys  I have competed in.

Please receive my most friendly invitation to connect with me through this website's contact section (bottom).










Dominik M. R. Kozanda has been commited to competition sports since a very early age and stands for strong values which have led to Olympic fair-play nominations and international fair-play awards.